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5 Jan

When the water creates masterpieces

Cave of the Winds is located in northern Tuscany, in Garfagnana, the center of the Apuan Alps, in an area full of spectacular as interesting karst phenomena.

Here the elements incessantly dig, sculpt and shape the limestone, giving rise to the majestic natural sculptures, such as the massif of the Panie, the huge natural arch of Monte Drilled or stone falls and crevasses Plateau Vetricia.

Immersed in this evocative setting, the Wind Cave presents an exceptional variety of aspects of karst underground ranging from stalactites and stalagmites lives and brilliant, in lakes, rivers, forms of erosion, mud formations and even perfectly vertical wells that can be visited with comfortable paths.

The choice of various itineraries, making it an ideal destination for excursions for individuals, couples, families, school groups or adults, meetings, etc.

The tourist route of the cave is divided into 3 parts completely different to each other.
In the first part, the flattest, you can see an abundance of speleothems, like stalactites and stalagmites, almost all live, that is in the growth phase.

The second part goes into a still in the process of extension of the cave area, with no stalactites, but with forms of erosion on the walls, a small stream at the bottom and the curious formations of mud in the return gallery.

In the third part you visit a well of 90 meters, perfectly vertical, that is risen from the bottom up until a final hall, followed by a short underground canyon.

The tour of all 3 parts, the third route, lasts about 3 hours, but it is also possible to visit only the first part with the first route, about an hour, or the first 2 with the Second Itinerary of about 2 hours.

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