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8 May

Art cities around Casale Amati


The art cities around Tuscany such as Pietrasanta, Lucca, Pisa, Siena and Florence are within easy reach by car or by train.

Art Pietrasanta is rich in cultured and elite tourism. It is also known as the “little Athens” of the Versilia region, thanks to the high concentration of artists that decided to put down roots there. The town also has a long standing tradition of expert marble workers, and the surrounding Apuan Alps remind us of this tradition. The historic center is quite elegant and visitors find art galleries, fashionable boutiques and prestigious enotecas. Located just a few kilometres away is the Marina di Pietrasanta on the Versilia coastline.

In this area not to be missed an unknown beach to most but it deserves to be mentioned. it is between Viareggio ( city that hosts one of the most colorful and famous Carnivals) and Torre del Lago, in the Regional Park of San Rossore. It is a long coarse sand free beach and dunes protected by a vast pine forest. To get there you must take a nice walk. Also there are no bars or refreshments on the beach, you need to bring all the bare essentials to spend the day!
Lucca with its sixteenth-century walls, a monumental city still wrapped by walls that enclose intact unique treasures. It is the only city to have preserved its independence until 1847 among the city-state of Tuscany. Witness to the loving care of the nobles from Lucca who protected the freedom of the “Civitas”. The main monuments of art are the result of different historical periods, such as the Roman Amphitheatre, the Basilica of San Frediano, the Square and the Church of San Michele, the Duomo of San Martino with the Holy Face, the Tower Guinigi, Via Fillungo , the Palazzo Ducale in Piazza Napoleone.

Then Pisa with the leaning tower, Florence one of the most beautiful cities in the world, enchants its visitors with the wonders of Renaissance; Siena, the city of the Palio, whose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a splendid example of medieval architecture.

Expert guides will be keen on helping you during your tours. It is the best way to discover secrets and tales linked to the history of Tuscany. Our guided tours are available in the language of your choice.

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