About Us

Casale Amati

Our Family

We are a large family, heir of the Amati- Ingolotti Marquises: grandparents, children and grandchildren.

For a long period of time Casale Amati has been the place for summer holidays. The place was animated by relatives, teachers, musicians and friends.

Memories of long days spent in the big garden, lots of people enjoying outside lunches, wild garlic flowers frittata, ice- cold swims in Parmignola river and nuts and hazelnuts harvesting.

Manuela and Roberto, geologists and maths teachers, decided to turn the olive oil mill into a holiday home approximately twenty years ago and today the work is still going on…

Enrico, computer programmer and marble sculptor, takes care of the garden and of the many types of plants.

Federica, teacher, is in charge of the management and decoration of the house.

Livia and Valerio Massimo, university students, cooperate with the management of the house between classes.

Rina, living memory of the house, is a witty and nice old lady who knows the family history better than anyone else; she’ll be there to welcome you in case of our absence.

Our Garden

Every house has got a separate space outside within the 7000 square metres italian garden.

The lawyer Marquis Panfilo Ingolotti, an enthusiastic botanist, in the early years of the 20th Century, enriched the garden with rare plants.

In the garden you will find indigenous flora and fauna, a testament of an unspoiled territory.

There’s a private car park and every house hag got its own parking spot. There’s also a public car park approximately 100 metres from the Casale.

Dream Vacation


A piece of history.

Casale Amati is the oldest mill in eastern Liguria and its origins dates back to the 14th century A.D.

Over the centuries the structure has changed up until its current appearance. The last significant enlargement dates back to 1810 by Marquis Amati.

The mill was once used to produce olive oil and all the area was, and is still today, cultivated with olive trees.

Giuseppe Mazzini, our national hero ( 1805- 1872), spent three nights in a room of the mill that is now named afer him. Mazzini was hosted here while fleeing from the authorities that had sentenced him for his political militancy.