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12 Jan

Via dell’Amore, Cinque Terre

The Castle Malaspina of Fosdinovo, dating from the second half of the twelfth century, stands in the north of Tuscany between the Apuan Alps and the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea (Lerici, Cinque Terre, Versilia). The Castle is now a museum and a cultural center dedicated to the production and dissemination of contemporary art. The castle lives, as well as its architectural and scenic splendor, even of his infamous legends. The most famous is certainly the one that 000-M15 as the young Bianca Maria Aloisia, daughter of James (James) Malaspina and Oliva Grimaldi. The couple gave the world nine children, but the last born (a girl) was sick, had pale skin, blue eyes and blond hair, only in the light of the sun became red. Not wanting to tell the people the news locked her in a room where no one could hear her I will see her, and over the years they decided to buy a dog that could keep company.

Reaching the age of 7/8 years Bianca Maria was able to reach the window of the room and saw a groom which then fell in love. The groom asked who was the little girl who had never seen and Jacopo Malaspina said that there was no one, and probably was a ghost, then took her to the convent for fear of being discovered, and because he believed that shameful for the blazon of ‘ whole family; while the groom was removed from the country.

Returned after years in the castle and not scordatasi of his young love, she was locked up in prisons and tortured until he wised up. Yet his will was not folded. Only then, to avoid further scandal, he was buried alive in a cell, along with a dog, symbol of fidelity, and a boar, symbol of rebellion.

To confirm the authenticity of the story, it happened that in the recent excavations carried out during the consolidation works, remains of bones most likely belonged to a girl and two animals were found. This story so violent and brutal, however, if ended the life of the young Bianca Maria, alone it was not enough to tame the spirit that still seems to hover through the rooms of the castle, in the form of a long-haired girl laid on his back.

Fascinated and attracted to these stories, experts and enthusiasts of the occult and paranormal phenomena have carried out some years ago, a series of experiments, all movies with camera. Disturbing as in one of these was then seen, clearly, a dark figure, with human features, across the room from wall to wall, as it were 000-853 driven by the wind. Another of the stories that are told in the Castle as the Marchesa Cristina Pallavicini.

A life stained with blood and crimes, his. The husband Ippolito, in fact, was the victim and perpetrator of Pasquale and Ferdinand brothers in a terrible struggle for Domino feud. Remained guardian of the small Carlo Agostino, his son, and ruled on Fosdinovo until the baby did not reach the age of majority. The woman is handed an image of glamor, lust, mystery and death. In his life he had many lovers, almost all peasants, and the legend goes that the Marquise, to avoid being discovered or betrayed, after having spent the night together, got rid of making them fall into the trap placed in the middle of her bedroom.

The desperate cries of the unfortunate men, given the particular acoustics of the room, fell in the middle of it and were not heard outside the door. Why the crimes at the time, were never discovered.

In the bedroom, in fact, is still visible trace of an ancient trapdoor. Under this recently it was discovered another room (dubbed “torture chamber.

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